Sept 17 - Oct 15, 2021

ETHGlobal's biggest event of the year
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Remember when new tech was... exciting?

When tech was about more than bigger screens, exclusive clubhouses, the un-bundling and re-bundling of features? The days when you went out of your way to try the latest thing. Even if it wasn't perfect. Because it wasn't perfect. Because you could see where this was going. Well, have we got news for you.

All over the world, hundreds of thousands of developers, users, hobbyists, creators, artists, and market makers spend their days and nights thinking, building, talking about Ethereum because we are... excited. We're excited by the idea that Ethereum can change things. That Ethereum is a fulcrum we can use to change money, finance, the web, the way software works and the way power is distributed.

This September, we invite you to come learn what all the talk is about. ETHOnline is our way of celebrating an incredible year in Ethereum, bringing the community together at a time when we're kept apart. Join over 1,000 likeminded engineers, designers, and creators to build and learn for 3-weeks. Focus on building a new product/protocol for the hackathon, learning at the summits and workshops, and gain valuable feedback from ecosystem professionals along the way.

Whether you're here to build or here to learn, we hope you'll join us.

Build with the entire ecosystem at your back

At ETHOnline, you'll have the support of a huge community of experts, mentors, sponsors, developer advocates, and other community members who want to help you build something awesome.

Top Notch Support

We'll introduce you to teammates, connect you with mentors, unblock technical problems, and help you deliver a working product that pushes the web3 ecosystem forward.

Join a community

Be part of a global community of developers aligned around a vision for a better decentralized internet.


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ETHOnline Summits

We'll be hosting a summit every Friday on some amazing topics and inviting some of the most interesting builders and creators to share their insights via talks, interviews, and panels.

Full agenda and speakers list will be published soon.

NFTs & Creators

Governance & DAOs

Developer Tools

Merge & Scalability

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Scaling Ethereum in 2020 and Beyond

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Foundation

Rediscovering Ethereum's Opportunities

Aya Miyaguchi, Ethereum Foundation

ETH1 + ETH2 = Ethereum

Danny Ryan, Ethereum Foundation

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