Summit #0

ETHOnline Kickoff

October 2, 12:00 PM Eastern

Join us for the start of something great.

On Friday Oct 2, we kick off ETHOnline. The month starts with a tour of the hottest topics in Ethereum - from Eth2, to DeFi, to Zero Knowledge gaming.

Register now to see talks from Vitalik Buterin, Aya Miyaguchi, Danny Ryan, Camila Russo, and more!

What is ETHOnline?

A month of Summits all about Ethereum, plus a global online hackathon. Learn more.


Summit Schedule

Oct 2

12:00 EDT

Welcome and Introduction

Kartik Talwar & Josh Stark
12:30 EDT

Rediscovering Ethereum's Opportunities

Aya Miyaguchi
13:30 EDT

Eth1 + Eth2 = Ethereum

Danny Ryan
14:00 EDT

Test-driven live coding of AMM market with Waffle + Buidler

Marek Kirejczyk & Bartek Rutkowski
14:30 EDT

Introducing the Developer Portal

Sam Richards & Ryan Cordell
15:15 EDT

Intro to DeFi

Mariano Conti
16:00 EDT

Ethereum is for artists

André Anjos (RAC) & Dee Goens & Jacob Horne
16:30 EDT

Defi 2.0: Community Owned & Meme Based

Camila Russo
17:00 EDT

A Remix Drive Thru

Rob Stupay & Iuri Matias
17:30 EDT

Dark Forest: Challenges and Constraints in ZK Gaming

Brian Gu & Alan Luo
19:00 EDT

Scaling Ethereum in 2020 and Beyond

Vitalik Buterin


Kartik Talwar


Josh Stark


Aya Miyaguchi

Ethereum Foundation

Danny Ryan

Ethereum Foundation

Marek Kirejczyk


Bartek Rutkowski


Sam Richards

Ryan Cordell

Mariano Conti

Cool guy

André Anjos (RAC)

Grammy winning artist

Dee Goens


Jacob Horne


Camila Russo

The Defiant and Author

Rob Stupay

Ethereum Foundation

Iuri Matias

Ethereum Foundation

Brian Gu

Dark Forest

Alan Luo

Dark Forest

Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum Foundation